Older is Getting Better

Older is getting better is a website to learn from, share, and input your ideas and experiences this life process is putting all of us through.

It is also built from years of experience in this process.

Older Is Getting Better

I just turned 64 and after 46 years of retail management experience at several levels have semi-retired to step back and enjoy life.

As we all age I thought it will be very helpful to build and website and a community to share ideas and insights about what we are all experiencing.

To some seniors aging is a bad thing, but to most of us it is a time for reflection and passing on our knowledge to our children and grandchildren.

My wife of 41 years and I had the extreme pleasure of taking care of her mother for 7 years in our home until she passed away in 2015.

She is from a large family but we stepped forward because of the lessons her father taught us.

He did the same thing and was also from a large family and took in both of his parents.

After seeing his example first hand when the time came we stepped up and took the responsibility to set the example for our children.

Older is getting better will also cover several different topics as it grows in size and will take any and all input from anyone that wants to add to the website.

Teaching With A lot Input & Research

Older is getting better will cover some of the following topics again as it grows

  • The right nutrition to take as we age as this is extremely important
  • The right exercises that are both safe and effective.
  • The best places to retire on fixed and moderate incomes.
  • How and why pets are very important to senior citizens.
  • Ways to help you if you do become a care giver
  • What to look for in a care giver as we learned the hard way

Both I and my wife are originally from Pocatello Idaho and we have lived in 8 different states throughout my career growth and moves.

While Idaho is a great place to grow up and raise a family we prefer a much warmer climate and decided to retire in Alabama.

This is our second stop here and our only grandchild so far lives here and the south is a great place to retire.

In this area you can golf every week of the year and the price of living, especially in Alabama, is extremely low compared to other states.

Tips and Ideas

Older is getting better will also cover other topics that will include but not be limited to some of the following.

  • Tips to save money when traveling.
  • Senior friendly hotels and motels.
  • The right kind of meals and diet to eat as we age.
  • How to select the right doctor in a new area and questions to ask.
  • Where and how to find the best prescription prices.
  • What kind of furniture and amenities to look for as we age.
  • The best part time jobs for semi-retired seniors and retired that still want to work.
  • The best places to volunteer as we age

Older is getting better again will list and cover anything that is suggested and will grow and improve each and every week.  

Thank you for visiting and please place a suggestion in our comments box.

Frank and Maria

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