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The Site Map Older is Getting Better is where you will find all of the pages and articles contained in this website.

The first topic in red under the main topic in black is considered the second tier page.

If you click on the this page, the pages that are related to the main topic will all be listed on the page for easier navigation.

For example Nutrition for Seniors is the second tier page, and Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Senior Vitamins for Men, Vitamins for Senior Women, and What is Sarcopenia are considered third tier pages linked to Nutrition for Seniors.

You will see the same thing on the links pages if you go this route for navigation.

It is indexed by category and will change and expand as this site grows. At the bottom of the page is a comment box. In this box me and my wife  and  welcome all input and feedback for each and every article as well as suggestions for new articles.

This website is designed especially for all people over the age of 50 as we begin this journey to our Golden Years.

As the famous adage goes with "Age Comes Wisdom" and once we hit the fifty year old mark, all of have a lot of experience in something.

We have also experienced all kinds of things in our lives both good and bad and sharing them and your experiences is what this website is all about.

If you have had a difficult time with some kind of senior experience we also welcome you to share it.

Thank you for visiting and place leave a comment, suggestion, or a topic you would like covered or have input on.

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Brain & Memory

Aging and Depression

Aging and Memory Loss

Senior Brain Health

Mild Cognitive Impairment Treatment

The Theories Of Aging

The Theories of Aging

Cross-Linking Theory of Aging

Free Radical Theory of Aging

Generic Theory of Aging

Hayflick Limit Theory of Aging

Membrane Theory of Aging

Mitochondrial Decline Theory

Our Bones/Muscles/Joints

Our Bones and Aging

Tendinitis and Aging

What is Sarcopenia


Becoming a Caregiver

Caregiver Challenges

Most Affordable States

Most Affordable Cities

Preventing Bed Sores


Exercise and Fitness

Exercise for Seniors

Senior Self Defense

Swimming for Seniors

Tai chi for Seniors

Walking for Seniors

Eye Health

Aging and Our Eyes

Cataracts and Aging

Eye Floaters and Aging

Dry Eyes and Aging

Glaucoma and Aging


Stress and Aging

Stress and Headaches

Stress and Inflammation

Stress and Our Immune System

Types of Stress

Senior Health Issues

Aging and Disease

Balance Issues

Commons Senior Health Issues

Dangers of Sugar

Dry Mouth Remedies

Fatigue in Seniors

Hearing Loss in Seniors

Hypothyroidism in Seniors

Insomnia in Seniors

Metabolic Syndrome and Aging

Nutrition for Seniors

Senior Vitamins for Men

Strokes in Seniors

Vitamins for Senior Women


Aspiration Pneumonia

The Dangers of Pneumonia

Bacterial Pneumonia

Community-acquired Pneumonia

Fungal Pneumonia

Hospital-acquired Pneumonia

Mycoplasma Pneumonia

Viral Pneumonia


Aging and Inflammation

Infectious Arthritis

Methylation and Aging

Gout and Aging

Psoriatic Arthritis

Osteoarthritis and Aging

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Types of Arthritis

Our Bladder

Our Bladder and Aging

Bladder Stones and Aging

Cystitis and Aging

Overactive Bladder and Aging

Hematuria and Aging

Urinary Incontinence and Aging

The 2nd Brain & Digestion

Our Second Brain

Aging and Digestion

The Causes of Peptic Ulcers

Constipation in Seniors

Controlling IBS

Diverticular Disease Symptoms

The Symptoms of GERD

Our Cells & Immune System

Our Aging Cells

Antioxidants and Our Cells

Aging and the Immune System

Foods for Healthy Cells

Foods for the Immune System

Immune System Disorders

Our Lungs and Aging

Our Lungs and Aging

Bronchial Asthma and Aging

COPD in Seniors

Chronic Bronchitis and Aging

Pulmonary Edema and Aging

Pulmonary Embolism and Aging

Sleep Apnea and Aging

Our Heart

Aging and Heart Failure

Aging and High Blood Pressure

Our Heart and Aging

Anemia and Seniors

Angina and Aging

Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Seniors

Preventing Heart Disease

Vitamin Deficiency Anemia in Seniors

Our Kidneys

Our Kidneys and Aging

CKD and Aging

The Dangers of Diabetes

Diabetes and Aging

Foods for Our Kidneys

Nephrotic Syndrome and Aging

Renovascular Hypertension and Aging


Pets for Seniors

Cats for Seniors

Dogs for Seniors

Rescuing A Dog

Skin Issues

Our Skin and Aging

Itchy Skin and Aging

Scabies in Seniors

Shingles In Seniors

Sugar and Your Skin

Treating Age Spots

The Wright Stuff

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