There Are Several Beneficial Antioxidants for Our Cells

Are antioxidants for our cells all they are cracked up to be, or is this just a fad and a myth.

From my research, the answer to this question is both yes and no, for several different reasons, and if you really dig into actual research, the results may surprise you.

There is absolutely no question that they are very powerful allies in keeping our cells and our DNA healthy, but the question is- in what form.

If they are from natural food sources, as we all begin to age, they are one of the best, if not our best friends.

The research that I have done questions that overall effectiveness of the supplement forms, and if you rely on these exclusively, you may be in for quite a shock.

Be Careful Which Type You Choose

However, like anything else or any website that we read on the internet, as we begin to age, we should always do our own homework and research it to make the final decision.

Here are some interesting facts that I have found through research as I was 100% convinced that supplements could provide all the help that we needed as we age.

  • Man-made forms are relatively new
  • Naturally found forms have been used for thousands of years
  • Research has not shown that man-made forms are truly beneficial
  • It is a proven fact that natural forms are extremely effective

As we all begin to age and pass the 55 year old mark, our body tissues begin to suffer from oxidative stress from the process known as “oxidation”.

Oxidation has always affected us, but our body in our younger years for the most part, could easily handle it.

Free radicals are electrically charged molecules that have only one objective in mind; to take oxygen molecules out of our blood stream and our cells.

If we are not protected by antioxidants for our cells, it can and will begin to weaken our cellular DNA.

Once this occurs, several things begin to happen, and none of them are good.

Research has shown that this process is the leading causes of several different types of diseases that can and will attack us as we age.

Oxidation and Its Effects

Oxidation is a part of life and again has affected all of us throughout the years, but as we age, we cannot fight off free radicals like we used to.

Because of this and the threat that it not only can but will bring, antioxidants for our cells become absolutely critical.

However, the question again is in what form.

If you drink to any extent, smoke, or spend a lot of time in the sun, you will need both the natural and supplement forms, but do not make the mistake that will eventually get you.

Do not rely on supplements alone as there is no documented evidence that they can help to prevent any of the major diseases as we age.

However, the good news is that there are several natural forms that can be very powerful.

In fact, there is a rating process with these natural forms that USDA Chemist Ronald A. Prior has suggested by capacity, and will be referenced below.

However, it is important to note that capacity only should not be your only guide, as every one of us will be different.

It will all depend on how our body absorbs them as well as how it actually utilizes and releases them to fight free radicals.

Antioxidant capacity also referred to as TAC, helps to describe the ability of different foods to help clean out free radicals in both our blood and our cells.

Friends Enjoying Time TogetherFriends Enjoying Time Together

The First 10 of The Best Antioxidants for Our Cells

Here is the list of the first 10 of the 20 best antioxidants for our cells.

  • Dried small red beans—1/2 cup--13,000 plus capacity
  • Wild Blueberries—1 cup--13,000 plus capacity
  • Dried red kidney beans—1/2 cup—13,000 plus capacity
  • Pinto Beans—1/2 cup—11,500 plus capacity
  • Blueberries (cultivated) –1 cup—9,000 plus capacity
  • Cranberries—1 cup—8900 plus capacity  
  • Artichokes Hearts—cooked—1 cup—7900 plus capacity
  • Blackberries—1 cup—7700 plus capacity
  • Prunes—1/2 cup—7200 plus capacity
  • Raspberries—1 cup—6,000 plus capacity

These powerful allies, in addition to protecting our blood and cells from free radicals, also have several other huge benefits.

They also help to reduce the signs of aging by preserving the texture and elasticity of our skin.

As we all get older, we need all the help that we can get in this battle.

The Second 10

Here is the next list of the 20 antioxidants for our cells.

  • Strawberries—1 cup—5900 plus capacity
  • Red delicious apples—1 whole—5900 capacity
  • Granny smith apple—1 whole—5300 plus capacity
  • Pecans –1 ounce—5000 plus capacity
  • Sweet cherries—1 cup—4800 plus capacity
  • Black plums-1 whole—4800 plus capacity
  • Russet potatoes—1 whole—4600 plus capacity
  • Black beans-dried—1/2 cup—4100 plus capacity
  • Plums—1 whole—4100 plus capacity
  • Gala apples—1 whole—3900 capacity

We have all heard for years the benefits of both fruits and vegetables in our daily diet, but these numbers are very powerful.

Numbers do not lie, and again these numbers are referenced below for you to do your own research.

If you grew up in a cold climate like my wife and I did, chili was part of our daily diets during the winter.

But if you look at the benefits that red kidney beans can do for us as well as the various berries, we have both changed our daily diets back to these food groups.

We have also all heard the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

However, again the numbers show this is not simply an old wife’s tale. Apples are also very powerful allies for us in this battle as we age.

Conditions They Can Help

While antioxidants for our cells do not have any proven results for preventing any conditions, there is a lot of research and evidence that they can help with several age related diseases.

They include some of the following.

  • Cataracts and other age related eye conditions
  • Several different heart related conditions
  • Memory and cognitive challenges
  • Several different forms of cancer
  • Immune challenges associated with aging

Free radical damages affect all of us at any age, but as we get older, the attacks can become a lot more severe.

If you are relying on supplements as antioxidants for our cells, there is virtually no research that has shown positive results.

But there is when we get them naturally.


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