Bladder Stones and Aging Are A Very Real Threat  

Bladder stones and aging have a very strong connection for one simple reason.

If we are male and over the age of 55, we are its primary target, and while they can and do affect older women, men by far and away have the biggest risk.

If we have had any type of bladder surgery, we are also a prime target, as well as some type of obstruction that is affecting us.

Men are a lot more prone for any type of bladder obstruction, because of the possibility of an enlarged prostate.

While none of us have ever enjoyed a prostrate exam, with each year we pass the age of 55, they are critical for several reasons, and this is one of them

Here Is What Is Happening

While they are not nearly as painful as kidney stones, they can be a very close second, especially if you have ever experienced them,

Here is what is happening with bladder stones and aging.

  • They are quite common as we get older
  • They are hard masses of minerals
  • They develop when we experience “urine crystallization”.
  • This occurs when we cannot completely empty our bladder
  • In most cases, they will pass very easily.

This is what makes this condition so challenging in trying to actually catch it, and then trying to prevent it.

In the majority of cases, when we cannot completely empty our bladder and our urine does crystallize, they will be very small and pass without notice.

In fact, we may have them for years and never known that we have them, as they show no symptoms at all.

However, if they become just slightly larger, several things begin to happen, and none of them will be good.

The Symptoms of Bladder Stones and Aging

Here are the most common symptoms of bladder stones and aging.

  • A slow developing pain in our lower abdomen
  • A sudden pain, for men, in or around our testicles.
  • A slight, and then persistent, burning sensation when we urinate
  • An almost “sudden” need to urinate a lot more than normal.

If we are male, we have had a slight pain in our around our testicles several times in our life.

In most cases it can be blamed on gas or a slight injury we may have experienced, and would always go away.

While it really concerned us at the time, once it subsided, we never gave it a second thought.

However, if it persists more than a day or two, we need to be very aware of the next set of symptoms.

Here is the next set of symptoms with bladder stones and aging.

  • A sudden difficulty in  urinating
  • While urinating, there is an stop or interruption
  • A red tinge in our urine
  • A very dark color for no apparent reason

If we experience any kind of pain or discomfort near our testicles for more than a couple of days, and any of these next symptoms appear, we most likely have them.

Couple Eating TogetherCouple Eating Together

They Are Beginning to Touch The Walls

What is happening is that the stones have grown larger, and they are beginning to touch and irritate our bladder wall in several ways.

While the single biggest cause is simply getting older, there are other potential causes and they include the following.

  • An enlarged prostate gland—the second leading cause
  • Damaged nerves in the bladder by a stroke or another health issue
  • Inflammation caused by a urinary infection
  • Using a catheter
  • Kidney stones that travel into our bladder

An enlarged prostate has one object in mind for men, to either cause cancer, or block our urinary process.

Once it is blocked in any magnitude, it will begin to crystallize and develop stones.

If we have suffered a recent small stoke or slight spine injury of any kind, it can easily slow the transmission of signals form our brain to our bladder.

If these messages are interrupted, it begins to weaken the walls of our bladder.

Urinary tract infections can and do cause inflammation, and using a catheter will sooner or later cause these stones to develop.

While these stones have nothing to do with kidney stones, these types can break apart and travel to our bladder and grow.

It Will Only Be a Matter of Time

Once they reach our bladder, they are no longer the kidney form, as it will only be a matter of time before they turn into the bladder form.

There are several very effective ways to treat bladder stones and aging, as well as some that do not.

There are several websites that will try to show us the ways that natural medications such as herbs or vitamins can dissolve them.

However, there is still no documented proof that they can dissolve these very, very hard stones, or even prevent them at our ages.

There is some very good news about treating this painful condition, and they include the following.

  • Ultrasound treatments
  • Laser treatments
  • Surgery—the last resort

Ultrasound treatments are referred to as “cystolitholapaxy” where a very small tube is inserted into the tubes in our bladder.

This small tube will have a camera located on the end, to view the size of them. Once identified, ultrasound energy is then used to break them apart.

Laser Surgery May Be More Effective

However, laser surgery is considered to be much more effective in the vast majority of cases.

With either treatment, we will most likely have to go back for another test treatment for our doctor to see if there are any remaining.

There is, however, one natural treatment for bladder stones and aging that can be very effective in preventing them as we all get older.

Fluids, especially water.

Water will help to eradicate and slowly dilute the minerals that are causing this buildup, and this is the most important thing we can do.

As we are all getting older, especially if we are men, we need to understand how important water can be to us for several reasons, and this may be the most important one.  


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