There Are Several Types of Good Brain Food

What is a good brain food?

There are numerous articles on the internet that will ask this question but give you only vague reasons why.

While there is several brain memory foods listed, I want to take a different approach and link it back to my article about brain health.

What Is a Good Brain Food

In all of the research I have done on this topic over several years, everything links back to the “myelin sheath”.

It is defined in most medical libraries as a fatty like substance that forms a protective covering (sheath) around our nerve fibers and dramatically speeds up the transmission of nerve signals.

To me and my experience in this aging process, if you really want to answer the question what is a good brain food, you should focus on keeping your “myelin sheath” at full operating strength.

There is a lot medical evidence that it does begin to weaken and slow down as we age, and as a result, can lead to several memory related conditions.

Because of this, the correct brain foods should only be selected if the natural energy they produce does indeed help to keep this sheath at full strength.

What is Not a Brain Food

Before I lay out the list, I would first like to cover what “is not” a good form of food or nutrient for your brain—Sugar! 

I have read several articles that your brain is actually ran by sugar and just have to walk away laughing.

We all know and have heard the addage the “With Age Comes Wisdom’ and all of us over 50 have developed wisdom in some category of life.

One of them is how bad sugar can be for several different health issues.

We are all fully aware of how our grandchildren can easily get “sugar” highs and we have all experienced “brain freezes” at some point in life from too much sugar in a frozen or chilled form.

I will cover sugar in a different article and all the damage it can and does do to our bodies.

Older Couple Listening to MusicOlder Couple Listening to Music

Brain Boosting Foods

Here is the list of what is a good brain food but it is going to be little different than a lot of you will see on the internet.

  • Eggs, (especially Egg yolks) Peanuts, Flax seed, Ground beef—80% lean, Cauliflower, and Navy Beans
  • Fatty Oil –Fish, especially Salmon (not Fish Oil supplements), Flax Seed, Walnuts
  • Brussels sprouts, Soy beans, Wheat germ, Liver (any kind), Peanut butter and Chocolate-yes good old fashioned chocolate makes the list
  • Shellfish, Turkey, Chicken, Duck and Geese

What is a good brain food is sticking to what is also referred to as “myelination”, which simply put, is maintaining you myelin sheath so it does not become compromised, damaged, or weak.

Delivery Systems

I firmly believe that if you can protect it, good things will happen.

Here are the areas where these brain foods help.

  • Choline Delivery
  • Oil Delivery in the form of Fish Oil
  • Lecithin Delivery
  • B-12 Delivery—naturally

Let’s start with Choline.

Choline is technically a member of the B-class of vitamins (although still not yet classified as a vitamin) and it is a critical source for the myelin that your brain is producing.

In fact, in the past 3-4 years there has been a tremendous amount of research that this compound is not only essential for the development of brains in the fetus and infancy, it is also believed to help slow memory loss in the aging process.

Next on the list is Oil delivery in the form of Fish Oil. Fish oil contains several essential fatty acids with the most effective being Omega 3 fatty acids.

It is now believed that these natural oils help keep your cell membranes inside of your sheath a lot more fluid.

This increased fluidity improves your nerve connections throughout your body.

However, it is important to note that while fish oil supplements are very good for several conditions, a lot of experts are agreeing you need the real source in your diet, and that includes all types fatty fish especially Salmon.

It also includes other sources such as Flax seeds and Walnuts.

Lecithin delivery is another fatty like substance that also includes Choline, but it also consists of other fatty acids which are “amphiphilic” which means they attack water and fatty acid substances.

What makes it so valuable to your brain is that it can also function or mimic so to speak, choline to also assist your myelin sheath strength.

Your number one food source with no close second is egg yolks—period.

The next best source is considered to be Brussels sprouts followed by Liver, Soy, Peanut butter and Chocolate.

Natural B-12

The last delivery method of what is a good brain food is the powerhouse B-12 in natural form. B-12 is by far and away you’re most powerful tool for protecting your brains functions.

However, the natural way is the best way to feed it.

The best food sources include any type of Shell fish as well as all forms of Poultry.

This includes Turkey, Chicken, Duck and Geese.

Remember the adage “Age is Wisdom” and it is never too late to fed your brain and keep it operating at full strength.

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