Controlling IBS Can Be Easier Than You Think 

In the battle for controlling IBS, there are several things we will have to do.

One of the first is to fully understand what is happening to us, and the next is to “rule out” the majority of what we are told, what we read, as well as what a lot of the Doctors tell us.

The reason for this is simple.

If you are in our age group of 55 years or older and have it, you have been fighting this condition the majority of your life.

Controlling IBS

In my case, I have been fighting it for about 30 years now and taming this beast has been a lot of trial and error.

In fact, most of us with it, if we go back and think about what we were told about controlling IBS 15-20 years ago, it is so humorous we simply have to laugh about it.

Here are some of the things that I was told initially that were causing it.

  • I was drinking way too much caffeine
  • I was eating too much red meat
  • The stress at work was causing it
  • Dairy products, especially milk, was causing it


I am sure if you are reading this article, you could all share some of these same stories for one simple reason; to this day, March 25, 2017, medical experts still do not know the exact cause.

But here are some more interesting facts.

I have never been a coffee drinker—period. I will have an occasional Soda, but when told that caffeine was the cause, I just laughed.

Some Facts About This Condition

We quit eating red meat about 30 years ago, I had not drunk milk when I was first diagnosed for 20 years, and the biggest stress at the time was deciding which store to go to.

I loved my job, and I had so little stress at work that again. I just laughed.

But here are some real facts about controlling IBS, also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

  • It still affects about 45 million people in the United States
  • It effects about 15% of the world population
  • 2 out of 3 people that suffer from it are women
  • It can and does affect all age groups
  • If controlled, it does very little damage to our bowel tissues

That is the key, controlling IBS and I can only share what I have done the last 30 plus years that have worked for me.

This Is What Is Happening

Here is what is happening to us with this condition.

Our large intestine, better known as our colon, has been compromised in some way, and again why, is still not fully understood.

The walls in our colon are surrounded by layers of muscles that are assigned to help us move the food that we eat.

When food starts down it, they will react by contrasting and then relaxing in almost prefect coordinated, as the food passes through our intestinal tract.

However, when this become challenged by IBS, they can become either stronger or weaken.

If the contractions become stronger, we develop gas, bloating, and then the diarrhea.

However, if they become weaker, we become constipated. If we take anything for the constipation we get whacked again by the diarrhea, and it goes on and on.

But there is one thing that I learned about 5 years ago that really caught my attention with this condition.

To me, it become of the biggest, if not the biggest wins in controlling IBS, and it is related somewhat to the “brain in our stomach” that will be the next article.

If we have poor communication between our brain and our colon, our body can very easily over compensate, and it triggers the exact same set of conditions.

I found this to be extremely interesting that no Doctor ever told me about this condition.

IBS Symptoms and Triggers

Those of us that have battled this condition for several years, fully understand way too well the symptoms, but here they are anyway.

  • The first sign is generally cramping and then a sudden pain in our abdomen.
  • The next sign is a bloating sensation followed by gas
  • And then the diarrhea
  • If the muscle reactions are weaker, it is the constipation.

The good news with this condition, if you can control it, is that is does very little if any damage to our bowel tissues.

If our bowel tissues do become damaged, it is an entirely different ballgame than IBS

This could and often does lead to Ulcerative colitis, which can be a very serious condition, and could easily lead to colon cancer.

Couple Eating TogetherCouple Eating Together

Controlling IBS can be very hard to do, as any of us that have had it for most of our life fully understand, but not impossible.

All of us will be effective by different foods with this condition, and a lot of it will be trial and error.

Chocolate, roughage vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, as well as carbonated beverages and dairy products may trigger it.

But reading someone else’s list or recommendations never helped me, only trial and error did.

And again, I have been like all of us in stressful situations that raised my blood pressure, but never affected this condition.

What I Have Done

Here is what I have personally done in controlling IBS that has worked for me.

  • B12 tablets, two each day
  • Diarrhea control medicine-1 tablet each day
  • One glass of V-8 juice every morning
  • 1 Fibercon tablet daily
  • A old but very reliable anti-depressant called Doxepin HCL 100mg

Let’s start at the bottom with Doxepin, which is a very old anti-depressant.

As I have moved to other parts of the country with my career, different doctors told me there are much better medications today than this old form.

But with age and wisdom comes the adage” if it is not broken, do not fix it”.

I have never been depressed but 30 years ago this was the most popular medication, and it still work for me to this day.

I also take 1 anti-diarrhea tablet that I get from Costco, their private label, which only costs about 1/10 of what Imodium does.

If I have any type of setback, I always carry 3-4 just in case.

I started the Fibercon as well the V8 to sooth and protect my stomach about 15 years ago. I would go 2-3 weeks with very little issues, until I added the B-12.

When I read the article about communication between our brain and stomach, I tried it. B12 is considered the power vitamin for your brain and it works.

Since adding the B-12 five years ago, controlling IBS is something I only worry about now 1 to 2 times a year.


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