The Dangers of Diabetes Are Very Real As We Age 

The dangers of diabetes are very real, and as we all get older, it can be very threatening not only to our kidneys, but several parts of our body.

If you have this beast and have lived with it for several years, you fully understand exactly how dangerous it is.

However, if you do not have it, and are in our age group of 55 years or older, it will target us in its cross hairs if we do not take the proper precautions.

However, there are several things we can do, even at this age, to fight back against its potential attack.

But there is one very important fact we should all keep in mind; 40% of all new cases attack our age group.

The Hidden Dangers of Diabetes

The dangers of diabetes should begin with the risk factors of the two different forms, type 1 and type 2.

The 3rd form, prediabetes, has the same basic risk factors of the most common form, type 2.

It is also helpful to understand that over 90% of all cases are the type 2 form.

However, the type 1 form is still very dangerous and will not develop slowly over time; instead, it will hit us fast and with a vengeance.

Here are the risk factors with the dangers of diabetes and the type 1 form.

  • Genetics—by far and away the biggest risk factor
  • Autoantibodies
  • Geography

Genetics can play a role in either type, but it is believed to be a lot more common with type 1.

Autoantibodies are cells that can and sometimes do damage our immune system, and are also believed to be hereditary.

However, while still dangerous to our immune system, they do not always trigger this condition.

The Risk Factors of Type 2

Geography also seems to play a slight role, especially in very cold countries. For reasons still not fully understood, the type 1 form is much more common in Finland and Sweden.

It could be diet related, as low levels of exposure and consumption of Vitamin D, also seem to play a role.

Here are the risk factors with type 2 and the dangers of diabetes.

  • Being overweight –one of the leading risk factors
  • Ethnicity—certain ethnic groups are at a higher risk than others
  • Age—anyone older than 60 years
  • Lack of exercise—another major cause
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol

If we are 15 pounds or more overweight, especially if we are older than 60, we are at a higher degree of risk of the type 2 form.

For reasons still not fully understood, Ethnicity also seems to play a role.

African Americans, American Indians, Hispanics, as well as Asian-Americans, all seem to develop it more commonly than some races.

Fatty tissues can interfere with the insulin process in our cells, and the lack of exercise also makes our cells less sensitive to it.

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The First List of Dangers

However, if we exercise and control our weight, the process as it was designed, seems to go back to at least a partial form of normality.

High blood pressure can also be one of the causes, and it is well known that high cholesterol is perhaps the single biggest cause or risk factor.

While all of us are familiar with the potential damage it can and does do to our kidneys, there are several other real threats to our health.

Here is the first list of the dangers of diabetes.

  • Kidney damage and disease
  • Damages to our nerves
  • Damage to our eyes
  • Damage to our skin

This very dangerous condition also damages our glomeruli, which are minuet blood vessels in our kidneys. 

They are the major component in our kidneys that help filter waste out of our blood, and if damaged, a slow and steady damage begins to occur.

Nerve damage can also occur, which is not nearly as well known. If we eat too much unnatural sugar in our daily diets, it begins to affect our capillaries.

The Second List

Our capillaries are also very minuet blood vessels that help to feed nutrients to our nerves, especially our legs and feet.

This is the major reason the dangers of diabetes is so damaging to our legs.

This beast can also affect the vessels in our eyes, especially our retina, and can and does cause the loss of sight.

It affects our skin by increasing our risk to several bacterial and viral infections, and can also affect our healing process.

However, the dangers of diabetes are still not complete, as here are the next set of potential problems.

  • Damages to our heart
  • Damages to our feet
  • Damages to our ears
  • Damages to our brain

This very dangerous disease can affect our cardiovascular system and can and does lead to angina, strokes, heart attacks, and narrowing of our arteries.

Damage to our feet is one of the most common of the dangers of diabetes, as the flow of blood is slowed in our legs, and slowed even more in our feet.

If this is not caught and treated early, if can very easily lead to amputations.

What We Can Do To Fight Back

What is not well known is that glycogen, the bi-product of glucose, is the major source of food for our brain.

If it is challenged in any way, it is only a matter of time before we experience memory issues, anxiety, as well as Alzheimer’s.

So what exactly can we do to fight back against the dangers of diabetes and be proactive instead of reactive?

 Here is what we can do if we are 55 years or older.

  • Choose healthy foods—this is critical
  • Maintain a weight that is healthy
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day—period
  • Get a physical as well as an eye exam every year

Sugar is our worst enemy as we begin to age, unless it is natural, and even then, it needs to be controlled.

The best thing we can do at our age is to eat as many natural antioxidants as we can in our diet, and the best foods are berries, kidney beans, and whole grain breads.

Controlling our weight is critical, and if we eat the right diet and exercise at least 30 minutes every day, we can slow or stop this beast.

Walking, swimming, or Tai Chi are all very effective and safe forms of exercise, and are very easy to do.

However, perhaps the most important thing in slowing the dangers of diabetes is getting a yearly physical and eye exam.

Believe it or not, an eye exam is the leading way to identify this beast.


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