Dogs for Seniors Are The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

What are the best breeds for dogs for seniors, or does that really have anything to do with it.

Small dog breeds are better suited for senior women that live on their own according, to several experts.

However, that still all depends on you and what you like.

These experts will also suggest that the smaller the better, as well as the overall energy level of the breed.

But again, that will all depend on you and what you are looking for.

Dogs for Seniors

Here are some facts and questions that you should consider if you are about to get a dog for the first time in several years, or the first time ever.

Before electing any breed of dogs for seniors, ask yourself a few questions first.

  • Are you willing to change?
  • Will you be traveling a lot in the near future?
  • Will your overall health allow you to keep a dog?
  • What kind of dog do you really want?
  • What will happen to the dog if you can no longer care for it?
  • Can you really afford a dog?

These are all legitimate questions you should ask yourself. However, if you are a long time dog owner like me and my wife, these are mute points.

However, that is really what this website is all about and that is discussion and maybe making some changes to some generalized thought processes.

For example, like I mentioned in pets for seniors, we have been dog owners for 41 years.

However, in those 41 years we have never owned a female until about 5 months ago when we adopted “Lucy” from the Autauga Humane Society in Prattville Alabama. 

So even for us things change as we age and make some different decisions. We have taken in a stray dog before, but never adopted until now.

We are both totally blown away by this dog, but more on that later.

Couple At The Beach With Their DogCouple At The Beach With Their Dog

The Questions

Here again are the questions for dogs for seniors.

Are you willing to change?

Dogs will change your time schedule, your behaviors and your overall way of life. Are you really ready for that or is that exactly what you want.

I know that I have never met a dog I did not like. They are really one of the best things that can happen to you if you let it happen, and work with them to train and understand them.

But for a new owner, they will change your lifestyle.

Will you be traveling a lot in the future?

If you have already factored that in or are along time dog owner, it may not be an issue, but if not, it is a legitimate question. Are you going to take them with you?

Can you take them with you?

Can you afford to board them if not?  These are questions you should ask yourself.

Does your overall health allow you to keep a dog?

Now this is a loaded question, but a legitimate one. There is study after study that having a dog can have several physical benefits for their owners.

Dogs for seniors are well documented in study after study to have the following effects on their owners.

  • They can lower you blood pressure
  • They can lower you cholesterol levels as a result of the lower blood pressure
  • They can lower your heart rate
  • They can help fight depression
  • They can end your loneliness


Because they love you unconditionally and expect nothing in return other than your love and devotion and to eat and drink on a regular basis.

Unless you are physically unable to own a dog, think of all the potential benefits of dogs for seniors

More Questions

What kind of dog do you really want?

This is probably one of the tougher questions you must answer as dogs for seniors can be totally different as your life changes.

But here is my advice from years of experience. Forget what anyone is trying to tell you and let them select you.

What does that mean?

When we adopted Lucy, again we have never done that, we looked for about 2 hours.

My wife kept looking and choosing and I kept coming back to this dog that was not barking and just setting there staring at me.

When we walked her she did not jump up on us like she was saying “select me”. We did.

Let the dog pick you, you will shocked at the outcome.

What will happen to the dog if you can no longer care for it?

This is also a legitimate question and should be considered, but as we all know in life nothing is certain.

If something does happen there is always a network that can help, especially if you adopt a dog.

If you made every decision based on “what if” something happens, nothing may get done.

Can you really afford a dog?

The final of the questions for dogs for seniors is also legitimate. It cost us 125.00 to adopt, 300.00 to have her spayed, and that has been it thus far other than dog food.

A 50 pound bag of dog food cost us 48.00 and last for about 4 months.

Any pet is going to have to have checkups, just take that into consideration. If you adopt an older dog, there will be issues, but at least you have given them another chance at life.

No one can really answer these questions but you.

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