There Are Several Foods For Healthy Cells

As we all begin to get older, foods for healthy cells are perhaps one of the most, if not the most important things we can do to fight the aging process.

We have heard for years about cells and how they affect our body and our overall health, but most of us have never really looked at this in detail.

If fact, the vast majority of people young and old have no idea that the average human has over 7 Trillion cells and how they function.

Most of us also have no idea what they are and the huge impact that they play not only in our daily lives, but the role that they also will play in aging and our eventual death.

What They Are

Foods for healthy cells and the importance it plays all begin with the understanding of what they are and what is happening to them on a daily basis.

The vast majority of our cells die for few key reasons including the following.

  • They are programmed to die
  • They die to make room for healthy new ones
  • Our genes control how they divide
  • They can only divide so many times

Medical professionals will now agree that cells are not only the building blocks for our DNA, they are also programmed and controlled by our genes.

Our genes help to control how many times they can divide, which is extremely important.

If a cells can no longer divide our genes will instruct them to grow larger, utilizing what is referred to as “telomeres”.

Telomeres are made by our body for the specific reason of instructing them when and when not to divide.

Once they make the decision that they can no longer successfully divide, they instruct them to grow larger.

In fact, what is really interesting in this process is that every time they do divide, these “telomeres” actually become shorter with every division.

Once they reach a programmed length, they instruct the cells to begin to grow and by design, they will eventually die.

The Affect On The Aging Process

While we have not paid much attention to this process throughout the years, once we pas the age of 55, foods for healthy cells becomes extremely important for several reasons.

They include the following

  • They are key to aging process itself
  • They are no longer producing like they used to
  • The ones that are left need to be feed properly to remain at full strength

The 7 Trillion cells in our body are constantly talking to each other and if this communication becomes compromised, several bad things can happen.

If this process becomes compromised in anyway, the everyday fight they have with free radical damage weakens them even more.

If they begin to lose strength, it allows infections and disease of all kinds to enter into our body, and this will expedite not only the aging process, but our overall health.

However, if we get the right nutrients we are not only nourishing and strengthening our body, we are also making them a lot stronger and resilient.

Perhaps their most important role is protecting our DNA from potential damages as well as providing our bodies with energy.

Couple Eating TogetherCouple Eating Together

The Three Major Components

This is also where the role of foods for healthy cells really starts to emerge for several reasons and here are some of the most important ones.

  • Our DNA is stored within them
  • Because of this- it helps to protect it
  • It helps stop mutation or damage
  • If fed properly it remains at full operating strength.

The aging process cannot, however, it may be slowed if we can keep these critical parts of our bodies as healthy as we can.

The next step in understanding this process is to understand what makes them up and why feeding them correcting is important as we get older.

Our cells have three major components and they include the following.

  • The cellular membrane which helps separate the interior from the environment
  • The nucleus which binds the hereditary information
  • The mitochondria which helps with several metabolic functions

If we can feed all three of these three critical components the correct nutrients designed for each of them, we may all be able to fight back the aging process to some extent.

The Lists Of Foods For Healthy Cells

The list of foods for healthy cells, while not all inclusive, will include both actual food sources as well as several key nutrients and include the following.

  • Protein in several forms
  • The mineral Iron
  • Antioxidants
  • Fats, especially fatty acids.
  • Several Key B Vitamins especially B12

Proteins, in several different forms, are perhaps the most important components of our cells. For this reason alone, it is number one as the must nutrients to eat as we age.

The most powerful form of grains and their connection to protein is whole grains; however there are some other forms that may not be as well-known unless you are a Vegan.

They include Amaranth, which has 9 grams of protein and is used in several deserts as well a baking, and Bulgur and Quinoa.

Bulgur has 6 grams of protein and Quinoa has 9 grams, and is a great substitute for Oatmeal.

Protein can also be found in several different raw meats but as we get older, some of us may have trouble eating meat like we once did.

However, the vast majority of us can eat whole grains in some form.

Proteins are located both inside and outside of our cells; outside it helps our bones and soft tissues, and on the inside it is critical for both our digestive enzymes as well as antibodies in our blood.

The Other Sources of Foods For Healthy Cells

The mineral Iron is critical for our red blood cells and foods that are rich in Iron include beans and beef, as well as whole grains, spinach and good old Tomato Juice.

Fats make up the vast majority of our cellular membrane and the best way to describe it is like a drop of oil in water.

They are not water based, and because of this they help to define our cells shape as well as stability.

The best source of this in our diets is fatty acids in a supplement form.

Antioxidants are next on the list of foods for our cells as they are absolutely critical to fight off the damages of free radicals.

Free radicals have one mission in mind and that is to destroy our cells and use their food source as their own.

Foods rich in antioxidants include fruit and vegetables as well as Red wine and again, whole grains.

Whole grains may be the most powerful of all the foods for healthy cells.

B vitamins are the final of the foods for our cells, especially B12 which is well known as the energy vitamin.

Most of the rest of the B vitamins that assist our cellular membranes can also be found in whole grains.


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