Foods For Our Kidneys Can Be Very Helpful

Are there any foods for our kidneys that can actually help, especially as we get older?

The answer is a very strong yes there are, but there are also several foods and habits that can also damage them.

All of our organs are critical, and our kidneys are certainly no different.

As we all get older, damage to these two critical organs will happen to the vast majority of us older than 60, but there are several things we can do to help including the right diet.

However, before going into the foods for our kidneys that can help nourish and protect them, it is helpful to understand how they operate.

Their Most Important Functions

Here are their most important functions.

  • They help to control and remove waste from our blood
  • They help to control the correct amount of body fluids
  • They control and release key hormones
  • These key hormones help to control our blood pressure
  • They help to regulate the production of red blood cells

While controlling and removing waste out of our blood is perhaps their major task, controlling our blood pressure is a close second.

However, regulating the amounts of sodium, potassium, and the acid content is also a critical function.

If they become damaged and lose control of these key functions, the quality of life that we have enjoyed for all of these years will be compromised.

If we do not react by protecting them, this damage may become quite severe to the point that food and lifestyle will no longer make a difference.

However, there is also another adage that we have all heard several times in oor lives, and most of us heard it from our parents.

The First of Five Foods For Our Kidneys

We are what we eat.

A very simple and straightforward statement that becomes even more critical once we pass the age of 60.

Here are the first five of the foods for our kidneys, and it starts with the one we have all heard about.

  • Cranberries—they help our kidneys, liver and bladder
  • Blueberries—very high in antioxidants
  • Raspberries—a close second in antioxidants
  • Strawberries—emerging as key source to control blood pressure
  • Cherries—perhaps the strongest natural inflammation fighter

We have all heard of the benefits of cranberries as they seek out and destroy bacteria naturally.

They help to slow and control bacteria from attacking our bladders, but they also help to flush out not only waste from our kidneys, they also help our liver.

Blueberries are next on the list of foods for our kidneys, and they have the highest antioxidant level of any food source.

They are also very rich in phytonutrients, which is why they are nature’s best form of fighting free radical damages to our cells.

One of the leading causes of any type of kidney disease is damage to the cells, but there is another reason they are so effective.

They are loaded with vitamin C, another very powerful free radical agent.

Next are Raspberries, also rich in what is referred to as “ellagic acid” that also slows and stops free radical damage to our kidney cells.

Strawberries are also very high in natural antioxidants, but they are also emerging in their natural ability to help control high blood pressure.

Couple Eating TogetherCouple Eating Together

Cherries Are Very Helpful As Well

For several years now they have been related to strong heart health, but controlling blood pressure is just gaining attention.

Cherries have been used for centuries to help control gout, and leg and feet conditions are one of the primary attacks of kidney diseases.

Here is the next five of the foods for out kidneys.

  • Red Bell Peppers—low in potassium and high in lycopene
  • Apples—helps to control high cholesterol
  • Red Grapes—several natural benefits
  • Cabbage—high in vitamins K and C
  • Cauliflower-high in natural fibers

Red bell peppers have also been used for centuries for kidney issues, as they are very low in potassium levels and very high in lycopene.

Lycopene is well documented for controlling cardiovascular disease as well as cancer, and it can also help protect our kidneys.

Apples have been used for years in controlling high cholesterol, one of the leading causes of damage to our kidneys.

The adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is also well known by all of us.

Red grapes are very high in flavonoids that help slow any form of oxidation, and helps prevent blood clots, another potential cause of kidney damages.

The next two of the foods for our kidneys may not be as well-known as the others; cabbage and cauliflower.

The Next List of Kidney Friendly Super Foods

Cabbage is also very low in potassium levels, but very high in vitamins K and C. Because of this, it also fights against free radical damages and also protects against blood clots.

While cauliflower may not have been our vegetable of choice throughout our years, it is very tasty as a snack along with carrots and a dip of some kind.

It is rich in indoles and thiocyanates, which are critical in protecting our cells in both our kidneys and liver.

These two natural agents help to control cellular damage, as well as cleaning out toxins in our system.


There are also foods for our kidneys as well as some habits that we need to protect against and they include the following.

  • Eating too much sugar
  • Taking too many painkillers
  • Using too much salt on our food
  • Eating too much red meat
  • Excessive drinking

We can eat all of the above very powerful foods for our kidneys, but they can all be easily reversed by one simple factor; too much sugar.

Too much sugar as we get older causes obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, all key factors in several kidney diseases.

If we take painkillers every day, sooner or later, they will begin to affect these two key organs.

Too much salt can also offset any benefits, as can eating too much red meat.

Too much salt affects our blood pressure, and red meat can produce acids that as we age, our kidneys may not be able to handle.

Excessive drinking, more than 4 drinks a day, will slowing destroy the cells in both our kidneys and liver.


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