Free Radical Theory of Aging Is Gaining More Attention 

The Free Radical Theory of Aging has been around now for over 60 years, and with each passing year, it seems to gain more momentum.

For two simple reasons; the damage they can cause us as we get older, as well as what can slow them down or even destroy them.

This theory was first introduced in 1956 by Doctor Denham Harman at the University of Nebraska.

Most of us have heard about free radicals and the fact that they are harmful, but in our younger years, most of us did not pay any attention to them.

However, once all of us hit the 55 year old mark, they become very important because if we do not control them, they may very easily limit how many more years we may have left.

They are that dangerous.

What Is Happening With The Free Radical Theory

The Free Radical Theory of Aging all centers on what is happening in this process and what it is doing to our cells and molecules.

It is best described as the following.

  • It is any molecule that has a free electron
  • This free electron can and will cause damage
  • The extra electron negative charges will release and then cause unbalancing
  • Once unbalanced, they bind to a balanced molecule
  • Once it binds, it tries to steal electrons.
  • If it is successful, that attacked molecule is also now free and damaging

The vast majority of them are the result of excessive drinking, smoking, damage from the sun, poor diets, and certain types of medications.

However, what is not well known is that our bodies naturally produce them with even the simplest forms of exercise.

If you walk to your mailbox, they begin to produce, as well as even simple tasks like eating and breathing.

If you do any type of strenuous exercise, they are releasing like crazy.

However, their biggest threat to us, especially as we get older, is the fact that they not only target and destroy molecules, they also attack our cells.

They specifically target our cells membranes, which is even more dangerous, as once attacked, they create waste product.

This process is referred to the Membrane Theory of Aging, one of the seven most widely held theories on why we are getting older.

After The Attack

Once our cells are attacked the following things occur with the Free Radical Theory of Aging and they include the following.

  • The damage begins to interfere with our cells communication process
  • Our DNA becomes damaged
  • Our RNA becomes damaged
  • We begin to have lower energy levels
  • Several chemical imbalance begin to occur

However, there is some good news, and a lot of it.

This entire process can be slowed, and while it cannot be stopped altogether, it can be almost eliminated.

They can be controlled by free radical scavengers.

These scavengers actually turn the tables on these invaders, and will bind to them making them stable again.

Most of us have never heard about free scavengers, but we have heard about them by their other name; antioxidants.

In fully understanding what antioxidants actually are and how they can help us in the Free Radical Theory of Aging, the best way is to think of them like a sponge.

4 Friends Jogging Together4 Friends Jogging Together

Be Real Careful With Supplements in Treating the Free Radical Theory of Aging 

There are several man-made nutrients that are very high in antioxidant properties like Vitamins C and E, as well as blended forms with several nutrients.

They are very well advertised and while they are rich with antioxidants, most all medical experts will still recommend, especially at our age, that we get them naturally.

By definition, they are substances that are found naturally in plants, and at our age we have all become a bit old fashioned.

Old fashioned in the sense that we have lived and learned several things.

Common sense is one of them, and if they are found naturally in plants, it just makes common sense that the best source will be natural, not man made.

However, the benefits of antioxidants in our daily diets as we age, far exceeds just defeating them

They also do the following in helping in the Free Radical Theory of Aging

  • They help in repairing molecules by sucking them up like a sponge
  • They help in blocking any type of metal radical production
  • They help to restore gene production and expression
  • They will begin to “shield” by attaching to our DNA
  • They help to communicate with “cancer cells” to stop growing

The Two Different Types

There are two basic types of antibiotics, enzymatic and non- enzymatic.

The enzymatic form benefits us as we get older by doing two key things; they break down and then help to remove free radicals.

They perform this task by converting them to hydrogen peroxide and then into water.

What is very important for us to understand as we all get older, is that regardless of what anyone tells us, they are only produced by our body.

This form CANNOT be found in supplements and our body only produces it naturally, and they must be introduced naturally into our diets.

The second form, non- enzymatic, helps by interrupting their chain reactions.

The non- enzymatic form is what is found in supplements like Vitamin C and E, and they are extremely helpful.

However, it is crucial at our age to remember the following key points.

  • They help us immensely by doing the “first cleaning” of these rogue agents
  • They assist our enzymatic forms from being depleted.
  • Because of this, they are still very important

In this battle against these rogue agents that can and will attack us, we also want to choose the right natural foods that can help us.

The Natural Sources

There are several foods that are rich with the both forms and they include the following.

  • Green leafy vegetables in any form
  • Sprouts—perhaps the single largest source of enzymatic antioxidants
  • Fresh berries including blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries
  • Hazelnuts, Pecans, and Walnuts
  • Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices are getting a lot of attention in the last few years for their strong antioxidant properties and their ability to neutralize cancer cells.

They are also loaded with both forms of antioxidants and they include turmeric, which is very powerful, as well as cinnamon, ginger, garlic and oregano.

The Free Radical Theory of aging is getting a lot of attention, and as we all begin to age, the natural and man-made forms of antioxidants can help with this process.


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