Hearing Loss in Seniors Is A Real Threat 

Hearing loss in seniors is something that all of us are going to face sooner or later, and there are no natural treatments that can help.

Or are there?

Our hearing is one of the most precious gifts that we have, and just like vision and mobility, when it becomes diminished, it is a real challenge.

I have been fortunate and have never had any issues, but my wife of 41 years has.

My Wife's Challenges

She is 61 years and has a long family history of hearing issues and started to have problems about 5 years ago.

She did all of the normal testing and now wears hearing aids, but she also has changed her diet and added some key nutrients, and this has helped her in several different ways

To fully understand what she has done that may also help you, it is very important to understand how we hear and then what threatens this precious gift.

Age Related Hearing Loss

Our ears are made up of three basic structures; the inner ear where most of the issues occur, as well as the middle and outer ear.

Sound waves travel through our outer ear and when they do, it causes vibrations on our eardrums.

Once these vibrations occur, our eardrum as well as the small bones in the middle ear amplifies them on the way to the inner ear.

Once they reach this point they pass or go through what is referred to as the cochlea. In the nerve cells of the cochlea there are literally thousands of tiny hairs that perform a major task; translation.

They help to translate these sounds into signals, and once this is completed, they send them to our brain. This is not only enables us to hear, it also helps us separate and recognize different sounds.

Older Couple Enjoying Time TogetherOlder Couple Enjoying Time Together

The Most Common Causes of Hearing Loss in Seniors

When something damages or interferes with this delicate process, hearing loss in seniors occurs and there are some major causes of hearing loss in seniors.

  • Some type of damage to the inner ear
  • Earwax
  • Ear infections
  • Abnormal bone growth
  • Ruptures

In most all cases this damage affects the hairs and nerve cells that are translating and sending the signals.

Exposure to loud and constant sounds can eventually damage these small delicate tools, but so does the aging process.

Our bodies all begin to breakdown as we begin to age and our inner ear and its functions are no different.

When these very fine and delicate hairs and nerves begin to wear down, they are either not transmitted properly to your brain or worse yet; never sent.

We all remember growing up and our mothers telling us to clean behind our ears and in our ears, as earwax is the next most common cause of hearing loss in seniors.

If you start to build up earwax, you need to make sure you gently remove it. All of us have earwax, as it is produced by glands in our ear canals.

Scientists are still not 100% sure why we produce it, but it can and does trap dust and other very small particles that will eventually damage our hearing.

Abnormal bone growth in our ears as well as rupturing caused by very loud sounds or something piercing the ear drums can also cause hearing loss.

The worst thing you can do is to stick anything in your ear other than a Q-tip, and then you need to be extremely careful.

There are also several factors that can contribute to hearing loss but the leading causes are aging, heredity, and loud sounds, either consistent or very abrupt.

Some medications, such as large doses of aspirin or pain medications can affect short term hearing, as well as severe fevers that affect your cochlea. 

While hearing aids can be extremely effective, there are also some foods and nutrients that can also help.

While I am certainly no expert, we have seen first-hand the results in my wife’s hearing challenges.

Natural Treatments for Hearing Loss in Seniors

Here are some of the nutrients and foods that can help with this challenge

  • Magnesium
  • Folate
  • Vitamins C and E

By far and away the most potent all the nutrients that you can take is the mineral magnesium.

There is a very definitive and detailed reference at the bottom in my reference section entitled Magnesium and hearing, and if you do suffer from a hearing loss I strongly recommend that you read the entire article.

An overbalance of one of the key neurotransmitters in our ears, glutamate, is one of the major causes of hearing loss in seniors, and magnesium is rapidly emerging as the strongest glutamate inhibitors of any nutrient.

However, it is also now emerging as a power player in helping noise damage to our ears as well as ototoxicity, the damage that can be caused by some medications.

Magnesium supplements are very safe and have been extremely helpful to my wife, but if you have any questions, always ask your doctor.

But again, I strongly recommend that you read the referenced article.

Folate can also help with hearing loss as it helps our bodies produce DNA and RNA. However, its biggest role is producing new cells in our body.

It is because of this in can help us as we age and this challenge. You can supplement it or it is found in abundantly in liver, broccoli, spinach, and asparagus.

Vitamins E and C can also help as they are very powerful antioxidants and help the damages caused by free radicals. Free radicals only goal is to seek out and destroy our cells.

You can also supplement these or find it naturally in citrus fruits, almonds, and peanut butter.

Haring loss in seniors is something that all of us will eventually experience, but these may be some ways to help control it.

We have learned their benefits from experience.



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