Infectious Arthritis Can Be Extremely Painful 

While Infectious arthritis is not nearly as common as some of the other forms, as we all begin to get older, it is one of the most painful forms.

There is also one other factor that makes it such a risk to us—we are its primary target.

There are several reasons for this but the most common is our immune system starting to slow down because of the aging process.

Most of us will also begin to spend more time in a hospital, where we are exposed to more forms of bacterium and other infectious agents.

There is also one other common aspect with this form; a lot of us have never heard about it, at least by this name.

Infectious Arthritis Can Attack Very Quickly 

Infectious arthritis, in most all cases, will hit us very rapidly and with very little warning.

Once it hits, it can be extremely painful and can be very difficult to treat, depending on how we have been infected.

While we may not recognize the official name of it in most cases, we will recognize some of the other names and they include the following.

  • Septic Arthritis
  • Purulent Infection
  • The Bacterial form
  • The Pyogenic form

However, it can and has also been confused with the Reactive form of this very painful and challenging condition, but this form is totally different.

With the Reactive form, we have been infected somewhere else in our body such as our urinary tract or intestines, which triggers an inflammatory attack on our joints.

This is not what is happening with Infectious arthritis, as our joints are directly attacked by it.

Infectious Septic Arthritis Examples 

Perhaps the best way for us to understand it is to compare it to other similar systemic infections such as Lyme disease, infectious hepatitis, or even the mumps.

They can and do also trigger this painful condition, and they attack the joints directly like this form does.

As we get older, our entire body is beginning to slow down and lose some of its strength, and our immune system is no different.

Here is what happens and what causes Infectious arthritis.

  • It is the result of a bacterium or fungal infection
  • It can spread through our bloodstream from the infected point
  • It can also enter from an open wound we have suffered
  • It can enter from a medical procedure

While it can and does affect people at all ages, as we get older, we are its biggest target.

The reasons again are simple; our immune system cannot fight this invasion like it used to and we are a lot more likely to have an open-type medical procedure.

When We Were Younger We Could Easily Fight It

When we were younger, our immune system could very easily and quickly identify these invaders, and then rapidly destroy them.

However, as we age it also is aging, and cannot fight off these attacks like it once could.

Infectious arthritis is also different than several of the other forms in that it is not the result of our immune system attacking itself.

Most of the other forms are the result of something going wrong with our immune system, where it suddenly attacks itself, but this is not one of them.

So why exactly are we such a target for this painful condition as we get older?

Here are the people at the highest degree of risk of this very painful condition.

  • Anyone over the age of 60
  • Anyone with a weakened immune system
  • Pre-existing conditions such as diabetes
  • Immune deficiency disorders

Much like all of the other forms, its primary attack will be our joints.

However, the difference is that it will not be a slow developing attack; instead, it will hit us with a vengeance and can be very, very painful.

The other major difference is that other than in rare cases, it will only affect one of our major joints.

Three Women Friends TogetherThree Women Friends Together

The Attack Is Fierce 

However, the joint that is attacked can be very painful and quite difficult to treat.

Infectious arthritis has some very distinct and powerful symptoms, and they include the following.

  • A very sudden onset of chills, followed by a fever
  • A sudden sharp and powerful pain in the affected joint
  • The pain becomes even worse with movement
  • It can become so severe, we cannot move the affect joint
  • A sudden swelling and sudden warmth in the joint

Again, in the vast majority of cases, we will have very little warning before the pain hits us.

Most of us as we get older, will suffer some form of this condition, but it will be gradual in developing.

There is one other challenging aspect of this form of this painful condition.

It is commonly misdiagnosed.

As we all get older, we know our bodies all too well.

We know the aches and pains as well as when and where they will affect us. We may have good days and bad days, but we are familiar with them.

Do Not Accept It

If something hits this quickly and is this painful, we need to get an answer and not accept it is just part of getting older.

Do not let anyone tell you that—period.

It is not normal to not have joint pain and then suddenly have it so bad that you cannot move it.

The other real warning sign with Infectious arthritis is the sudden warmth.

Any time we feel any type of warmth suddenly in any of our joints, there is only one cause; inflammation that has taken over.

There are only a couple of ways to successfully treat this attack and they include the following.

  • A combination of some very strong antibiotics
  • Draining the fluid from the  affected joint

Most forms of this very painful condition will use just antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents as the only treatment, other than a diet high in antioxidants.

However, with Infectious arthritis, the only way to totally get rid of the infection is by draining it out of the affected joint.

This draining process may have to be done several times before the infection is totally removed.

However, the good news is that once gone, so are the pain and the inflammation.


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