Psoriatic Arthritis Is Not One of The Common Forms

Psoriatic arthritis may not be nearly as familiar to you as the other forms, unless you or someone you know has it.

If you do have it you know all too well what it is, and how it can and does affect us as we get older.

As our body begins to age, it begins to slow down in some ways, including our immune system.

However, as with most all forms of this painful condition, it is not the result of our immune system slowing down.

Instead, it is the result of our own immune system attacking itself.

What is also not well known about this condition is that it can also affect our mood, cause anemia, we well as make us very, very tired.

Psoriatic Arthritis Has Some Very Distinct Causes

Psoriatic arthritis, while still not 100% fully understood, does seem to have some very definitive causes.

They include the following.

  • Our body’s immune system begins to attack itself
  • It does this by attacking healthy cells as well as our tissues
  • For some reason it thinks these are invaders
  • It may be genetically wired to do this in some people
  • Most people that develop it will have psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a very common skin condition as we begin to get older, and is a condition where the life cycle of our skins cells begins to malfunction.

Because of this, our skin cells begin to build up on our skin much quicker than they need to.

Once these additional cells reach a saturation point, they begin to become scaly and very itchy.

While still not 100% confirmed, the medical community almost unanimously agrees that this is the underlying cause that triggers Psoriatic arthritis.

Other Things Can Trigger It

However, they also agree that a sudden physical trauma of some kind as well as an infection can also trigger it.

They also agree that in order for a bacterium or viral infection to trigger it, you must have a family history of either it or psoriasis.

Here is what it can and does do to us.

  • It causes joint pain in any joint in our body
  • It can cause stiffness to any of our joints
  • It can affect our fingertips, toes, hands, as well as our spines in severe cases
  • It can be very, very mild; or quite severe

There is also another very challenging aspect with Psoriatic arthritis; it can develop very slowly, or it can attack with a vengeance literally out of nowhere.

As we get older and have any type of history with psoriasis, we fall into this group, where it can and does attack us out of nowhere.

There Are Five Different Types

There is also something else not well known about this condition; there are five (5) different types of it.

Here are the five different types of Psoriatic arthritis.

  • The Symmetric form
  • The Asymmetric form
  • DIP-Distal Interphalangeal predominant
  • Spondylitis
  • Arthritis mutilans

The Symmetric form is named because of being symmetric, and affects us on both sides of our body at the same time.

For example, if it affects the joints in our knees, it will affect both knees.

With this type we will need to get it treated as quickly as possible, as it can become debilitating if we don’t.

The Asymmetric form is much less severe, as it will only affect a few of our joints.

DIP is also not anywhere near as severe, as it only affects our fingers and toes in most all cases, as well as the nails on both.

Older Couple TogetherOlder Couple Together

The Real Dangerous Forms

The Spondylitis form of Psoriatic arthritis is much more dangerous and challenging as it has one specific target; our spinal column.

Once it has inflamed, it affects not only our upper and lower back; it also affects our pelvis area.

However, the most severe form is Arthritis mutilans, but it is considered to quite rare. It can affect our hands and feet so severely, that they become deformed.

There are also some other real concerns with Psoriatic arthritis and they include the following.

  • It can easily cause anemia
  • It can and often does make us very, very tired
  • It can affect the moods of some people
  • It can lead to high blood pressure if not treated

As we all get older, maintaining as healthy weight is very important for several reasons.

However, if we do develop this very painful condition, it can very easily lead to obesity and worse yet; diabetes.

There Is Still No Known Cure

There is also, to this date, no known cure for it.

However, the bad news is still not over with Psoriatic arthritis as it can also cause the following conditions.

  • Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis
  • Uveitis, which can and often does lead to blurred vision
  • It can and does affect our hearts

As we get older, one of the most important things we can do is to try to fight off inflammation in any form.

Maintaining our weight and eating foods rich in antioxidants will help keep back the inflammation, including this form.

There are also several medications that can help and they include the following.

  • NSAID’s
  • DMARDS’s
  • Immunosuppressants

NSAID’s have been used for several years and are very effective anti-inflammatory agents that do two things.

What Can Help

They help with the pain as well as slow and help to reduce the inflammation.

DMARD’s, also known as disease-modifying drugs, can also help as they help to slow down it’s progression as well as slowing eliminating the damages.

They can help save what joint tissues we have left after the attacks of Psoriatic arthritis.

They also help to protect the tissues, which is very important.

Immunosuppressants are also very helpful, as they help to slow down the attack that is going on.

If we can slow this attack by our own immune system, control our weight, and fight back with foods rich in anti-oxidants, we can control and slow this condition.


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