Senior Self-Defense Can Be Very Easy

Senior self-defense is something that as we all begin to age is a reality that we should no longer ignore.

It is a reality that we must face every day and be prepared.

Whether we like it or not and think it will never happen to us, the reality is that it can and does.

You hear more and more about car-jacking, bumping your car so you stop and then are robbed, home invasions, and the list goes on.

We have a friend in our neighborhood that was robbed in a Walmart parking light at dusk just a few weeks ago. She was not prepared, now she is.

As we age, let’s face it, we are not what we used to be.  

Both me and my wife took Karate for several years and taught it for several more years.

But that was 25 -30 years ago and while we can still protect ourselves, I still want to be 100% prepared.

Senior Self-Defense

Senior self-defense is a lot more than just having a gun.

While that may be at the top of several peoples list, it is still not for everyone and there are actually several other ways that you can protect yourself.

If you are in your 50’s or 60’s like we are, and still very active, let’s face the reality; we are still a prime target.

The thugs of the world would much rather attack a 64 year old man or women that attack a 35 year old  in his or her  prime.

Here are some very helpful things to keep in mind

  • Always carry something with you on your person and in your car—always
  • When you are alone, be 100% aware of your surroundings
  • Carry pepper spray with you at all times
  • If you jog, there are jogging pepper sprays you can get
  • Get a stun gun—they are extremely effective  and gaining popularity
  • Always have a personal alarm of some type—always

The above will be covered in detail, but to me the real key to senior self-defense is always being prepared, but in the case you are not; use whatever you have handy.

OK, so what does that mean?

Stop and think about it for a minute.

When you go out in public, you will have your car keys, your purse or handbag, and if you are older and have a cane—these are all potential weapons.

Always think about having something—that is the key.

Five Friends Enjoying Time TogetherFive Friends Enjoying Time Together

Pepper Spray and Stun Guns

There are a lot of so called experts that will tell you NOT to use pepper spray.

Why? There answer is that it could be taken and used against you. Well, so could a gun.

I would much rather take my chances and have pepper spray ready to go at any time.

Once you research it, you will be shocked at the selection if you haven’t tried it for several years.

20 years ago the only kind you could buy was a hand help canister that shot out a spray.

There are several different types now available and they all have pros and cons, the right kind for you will be up to you.

Today you can buy stream delivery systems, cone mist systems, foggers, pepper foam, and pepper sprays. All can be extremely effective as senior self-defense.

However, my favorite now is stun guns.

There are stun guns classes that you can attend where they will teach you exactly how they work, where to aim, and show you the effects.

They too have dramatically changed and advanced. .

You can still get the old fashioned type baton style that security guards and bouncers use. They are very effective but should not be used for self-defense for seniors.

Instead, there are now styles that are much smaller and look like a small flashlight or a cell phone.

There are models available that are only 3 ½ inches in height and put out 4.5 million volts—that will stop almost anything or anyone.

Stun flashlights that can be used for other things as well and they have become very popular. They can be used as a stun gun, utility tool, or what they look like, a flashlight.

However, can you afford them? You will be shocked.

There are companies where you can buy a pepper spray/ stun gun combination ( 2 separate units) for less than 50.00.

Last on the above list is some type of a load alarm devise. Your panic button from your car is still one of the best options, but so is an electronic whistle.

The can easily be carried on your key chain and you active it by pushing a button. Anyone that is within 100 yards will hear it.

Self Defense for Seniors Also Includes Not Becoming a Target 

The other key point to senior self-defense is to do whatever you can to avoid being a target.

In order to do that, here are some suggestions that may help.

  • When you are walking keep your eyes up and always look around
  • Walk with a sense of urgency and preparation just in case
  • If you are in a building look for alternative exists/ entrances
  • Understand the neighborhood or area you are in
  • If walking alone stay in well lighted areas at all times
  • If parking, park as close to the building as possible
  • Never take anything for granted
  • Have your hands near or on your “weapon” at all times

Senior self-defense is something that I learned the hard way in New York City while working there about 5 years ago.

Public places like the subways and train stations are not always jammed with people.

If you are going to be alone, do not carry a lot of cash. If you have several credit cards, take only one.

I had someone try to mug me and I simply took the 20.00 bill that I had ready and threw it at them and had the pepper spray out one second later. 

I knew my surroundings and even though it was late at night, and I had to be there, I was ready.

Senior self-defense is all about being ready.

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