There Are Several Effective Senior Vitamins for Men

Senior vitamins for men, are they really necessary, or are they all myth and over-hyped and a waste of your money.

Well let’s look at some facts about these vitamins as well as minerals and you can decide for yourself.

As for me, I am 100% convinced after years of research and trial and error, they are not only necessary, if you are not using them perhaps you are leaving a lot on the table.

Senior Vitamins for Men

So what does that mean leaving a lot on the table?

Let’s examine and talk about 7 key nutrients, and they include 5 vitamins and 2 minerals.

They are vitamins D, B12, E, C, and K. Yes there is a vitamin K but it is not well known. It will also include the minerals Calcium and Iron.

Vitamin D is the top of my list as it is critical for older men to help your body make use of calcium that you will get from your diet.

As we begin to age, even if you exercise, you still need to keep your bones healthy and strong.

Although your bones are no longer growing they still need to be fed

Without this nutrient, as your body ages, you face Osteoporosis where your bones start to become brittle and weak.

Older Couple Enjoying Time TogetherOlder Couple Enjoying Time Together

You Do Not Want Bone Fractures

The last thing you want to fight is bone fractures simply because you are not feeding them.

 However, it also helps to build your immune system as well as fights inflammation, which can and does lead to several different health issues.

Vitamin B12 is considered the “energy vitamin” especially as we age. The reason for this is simple; it helps in manufacturing red blood cells.

It also helps to keep your nervous system healthy and is essential if you like alcohol.

 If you drink your body uses its reserve of B12 to fight the effects and you must supplement it as your stomach acids utilize these reserves in your daily diet.

A lack of this nutrient has also been documented to lead to dementia, confusion, and depression.

It is interesting that if you suffer any of these symptoms the first thing most doctors do is give you an injection of B12.

Take a minute to think about that.

Vitamin E is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants of the senior vitamins for men and there is a lot of new conversation that because of this, it slows the aging process.

It is also documented to help with dementia and loss of memory.

Next on the list of senior vitamins for men is Vitamin K, a mystery to most seniors.

This nutrient is critical in clotting your blood and also helps with vitamin D to fight Osteoporosis.

Vitamin C Is On The List

This nutrient is plentiful in most green leafy vegetables, however the problem is most older men do not eat these on a regular basis.

Vitamin C is the next of the senior vitamins for men as it is critical in the production of cell oxidation.

However, perhaps its most important role is the building of collagen which binds several things in your body.

If you bruise easily from cuts and small bumps you need this nutrient.

There are also 2 key minerals on the list and they are Calcium and Iron.

The vast majority of the mineral calcium is located in your bones.

As we all begin this aging process some of this mineral begins to leave your bones and places you at risk of two different conditions, osteoporosis and osteomalacia.

Osteoporosis is a condition where you bones become brittle and can crack or fracture very easily.

However, it is very easy to toughen them back up if you supplement this key nutrient.

Osteomalacia causes our bones to start to soften and a good example would be ice cream melting and losing its solidity and texture.

However, once you refreeze it, it will harden back up.

Your bones are no different. In this case you need to feed them and “freeze them back up” so they remain strong.

The Mineral Iron is Critical

The mineral Iron is instrumental in feeding our red blood cells and it also helps to transport these cells in a process referred to as oxygen-transporting.

While many seniors may be familiar with B-12 being an energy promoting vitamin they may not be aware that Iron can easily prevent fatigue.

Our parents were made aware of this several years ago but a lot of this minerals importance has been ignored for years.

If you suffer from ulcers or go through a surgery this is one of the key nutrients you will be given before and right after the operation.

There are several different one a day senior vitamins for men but here is what I know from the experience of aging. They did nothing for me.

However, when I stated to take these 7 key nutrients individually the table changed.

I no longer feel like I have left anything on the table and feel better than I have for years.

When I  forget to take them I can defiantly feel the difference. 

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