Our Skin and Aging Can Be Controlled 

Our skin and aging have several things in common; however the main factor is us.

Both it and us as individuals, will be affected by the lifestyle we have chosen, the diet we have eaten throughout our lives, as well as where we live.

Smoking also has a huge impact on this connection.

Where we live can have a huge impact on both, simply because weather is a major factor.

If we live in a very harsh and cold climate, that is one strike, as well as a very hot and humid climate.

However, by far and away the biggest impact on our skin and aging is the amount of time we have spent “unprotected”.

Protection from the sun, as well as and harsh climates, in the true underlying key.

Our Skin and Aging

If we have worked outside for several years or just spent a lot of time outdoors for our social lives, we will not suffer as much damage if we have protected ourselves.

However, if we have not, as we grow older, we are at the mercy of how we have lived.

Our skin and aging are going through a normal process of life regardless of all of these factors, and while we can slow the process, none of us can stop it.

There are some key and basic things that are happening as we all grow older.

  • Our skin is gradually becoming rougher and dryer
  • It is starting to loss its strength and elasticity
  • It is beginning to thin and become more transparent
  • It is not nearly as strong as it used to be
  • It becomes much easier to damage

There are also several factors linked with our skin and aging and leading this list is the free radical damage that is occurring.

We have always been under attack from free radicals, and just like the rest of our body, the cells in this main defense system are not producing like they used to.

The support we have enjoyed for years, referred to as the “subcutaneous support”, is also not as strong as it once was.

Older Couple Enjoying Time TogetherOlder Couple Enjoying Time Together

Subcutaneous support is the fatty tissue that is between our skin and muscles, and it also slowing as we age.

Gravity is also beginning to have an effect of us, as well as stress and even certain sleeping disorders and challenges.

However, our skin and aging involves more than just changes on the surface, there are also changes occurring under it as well.

They include some of the following

  • Loss of fat
  • Bone Loss

At first glance you make think that a loss of fat is a good thing with our skin and aging, but it is the complete opposite.

We have healthy fat the lies below the surface that helps support not only our cheeks, it also helps to support our temples, chin, nose, as well as around our eyes.

The loss of this fat as we get older is what creates the thinning and frail look.

Our bones, as we age are changing as well, and this combined with the loss of fat is what causes the “puckering” that we will all sooner or later experience.

How Gravity is Affecting Us

However, there are still more changes that are happening and here are some of them.

  • Gravity
  • Sleep issues
  • Facial lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Drying and Itching

It sounds crazy, but gravity can and does play a part with our skin and aging.

As it begins to lose its shape, strength, and elasticity, several things start to happen and none of them are good.

This lose combined with gravity causes both our eyelids as well as our eye brows to “droop” more toward the ground, as well as our chin and cheeks.

We have all heard and seen double chins and “jowls” in older people, and our age group is about to experience the effects of gravity.

Our facial expressions may start to change as well and wrinkles, facial lines on our forehead, temples, and around our mouth, will begin to appear.

As we age, sleep also plays a major role in our skin and aging, again all because of the loss of elasticity we are experiencing.

We will begin to “sleep crease” that will take longer to dissipate as we all get older.

The Effects Of Weather

It is also estimated that the older we get, the effect of cold weather affects at least 75%-to 85% of us, causing both dry and itchy skin.

The reason for this is also a direct result of our skin as aging, as we are beginning to lose some of our “oil glands”.

Because of this, normal everyday things such as soap, some foods, as well as certain fabrics will start to affect us.

If you are a smoker or were for most of your life, you will also experience wrinkling much easier, especially around your mouth and eye areas.

However, there is still some good news; there are several nutrients that we can take and foods that can help control these connections.

The nutrients include the following:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin

This connection begins with Vitamin E, and this is one of the main ingredients in all products that help with cracked and dry skin for one major reason; it helps up retain moisture in our skin.

However, it also helps fight against the damages being down by free radicals, Free radicals have been attacking us all of our lives, with one objective; to destroy our cells.

Our immune system has in most cases been able to fight back and defeat this attack, but now two things are happening; our immune system is slowing and our cells are not producing as fast.

When Combined They Are Powerful

This nutrient, especially when combined with Vitamin C, helps to slow this attack and the loss of oxidation they can cause.

If our cells aren’t being oxidized enough, all of the effects of our skin and aging is even more amplified.

Vitamin C is essential for most of the same reasons, but it also helps to activate and strengthen Vitamin E.

Niacin, a member of the B-class of vitamins, also helps our skin retain moisture and elasticity.

However, it is also a very powerful exfoliate, as it helps to clean our skin of dead cells and this allows room for new cell growth. This is a huge factor as we age.

There are some foods that also help with our skin and aging.

The first of these is tomatoes, which contain a carotenoid that helps keep our skin smooth.

Because of this, it can help slow down wrinkles and it can also slow down the lines that will appear as gravity sets in.

Next on the list is fish that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

This includes Salmon, Tuna, and Sardines. This rich mineral helps protect our “skin fat’ and our collagen.

Collagen helps our connective tissues and helps protect against the lines in several areas of out face that we are experiencing.

However, all of this is meaningless; unless we protect ourselves from the sun and weather.



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