Stress and Aging Are Strongly Connected 

Is there any real connection between stress and aging, or is this an old wife’s tale?

The answer to this question is not only a resounding yes, three is a lot of new evidence emerging that not only can it affect our health; it can also age us earlier.

We have all known for several years that pressure can and does make us sick on occasion, but it can also affect our mood and feelings.

It can also help to trigger high blood pressure, diabetes, as well as several heart conditions.

Stress and Aging

All of have experienced stress and pressure throughout our lives from our job, the lack of a job, as well as health and family problems.

However, until recently, there has been no documented proof that stress and aging actually may have a connection.

The good news about any type of pressure is that in the vast majority of cases we can change our lifestyle, some habits, or even change jobs if we need to.

Before we overact to what we think is a potential medical problem, it may be important to examine if it is pressure.

Here is the first link with stress and aging and the most common symptoms of pressure on our body.

  • Headaches including migraine and tension headaches
  • Muscle tightening, tension, as well as muscle pain in several parts of our body
  • Sleeping problems including insomnia
  • Tightening in our chest and chest pains
  • Stomach and digestive issues
  • Fatigue and the feeling of no energy

There was a study done in 2012 and referenced below, that shows evidence that work related pressure can harm our telomeres, which are part of our DNA.

Older Couple Enjoying Music TogetherOlder Couple Enjoying Music Together

Our Mood and Mind Is Affected

They are measured by their length, and the longer they are, the healthier they are. However, this test demonstrated that pressure from our jobs can shorten them.

If they become too short, they can easily become damaged, or worse yet, they can die.

The test also demonstrated that people that had very little job related pressure had no issues at all with the length of their telomeres.

Our telomeres over time will all begin to wear down and shorten, but pressure may expedite this process.

Shortening of them over time has been linked to several diseases including Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, as well as Diabetes.

The next link between stress and aging is with the effects on our mood and they include the following.

  •  Restlessness and loss of self-worth
  • Anxiety, panic, and public disorders
  • The loss of motivation and not being able to focus
  • Becoming overwhelmed by simple tasks
  • Sudden anger and irritability for small reasons
  • Becoming sad and depressed

Chronic pressure also may cause the shriveling on the tips of our bundles to occur faster than normal.

Our Behaviors Can Be Affected

We all have bundles of genes inside of our cells, and unchecked or chronic pressure can shorten their life span and speed up their deterioration.

They, like the rest of our body will all begin to deteriorate over time, but this added pressure can age them even faster.

Stress and aging can also be linked to our behaviors if it is not controlled, and they include some of the following.

  • Periods of not eating, overeating, or becoming very picky
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Becoming sedentary and isolated

Chronic and unchecked pressure can also affect our immune system, our digestive system, as well as our major nerve system, the central nervous system.

There was another study done by UC San Francisco, that even the thought or anticipation of unchecked pressure, increased the chances of age related conditions and disorders. 

This test put 50 women, several who were caregivers and under the pressure that that can bring, that they would have to speak in public.

Other Studies and Results

This anticipated pressure during these teats, also demonstrated cellular damage without the actual presence of pressure.

These same series of tests for stress and aging also showed the following potential effects.

  • Unchecked pressure can cause premature aging of the brain
  • It can also lead to vision and hearing challenges
  • Unchecked pressure can and does lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices

Scientists at UC Berkeley demonstrated that chronic pressure is one of the leading contributors to Alzheimer’s, as well as several forms of depression.

It also showed that for some reason, unchecked pressure and the gene deactivation process seems to affect women more than men.

Unchecked pressure can also affect our vision and hearing, and is another connection between stress and aging.

When we face pressure, our body automatically releases the hormone adrenaline.

Ways To Relax

There is a lot of new evidence that not only does increased adrenaline affect our blood pressure, it can and does affect our vision and hearing.

It we get too much of it in our system, it constricts of vessels, and affects both of these critical senses.

Added pressure in our life also leads to drinking more, taking some medications we should not, as well as not wanting to exercise or go outside in some cases.

There are several natural ways to combat stress and aging and they include some of the following.

  • Meditation and deep breathing
  • Tai Chi
  • Walking and enjoying the scenery
  • Laughing and having some fun
  • Music

Meditation as well as soft yoga at our age is extremely relaxing.

Deep breathing for several minutes can not only relax our muscles, it also helps relax the pressure.

Tai Chi and walking are also great ways to combat stress and aging, as both are great exercises, easy to do, and very relaxing.

Nothing reduces chronic pressure like a good laugh.

We have heard the adage the “laughter is the best medicine” and in this case it is.

However, as we hit our 60’s an older, nothing can relax us or just rejuvenate us like music.

There are several of us that feel that music has never been the same as it was in 60’s and 70’s, and our favorite songs can relax us with memories.


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