There Are Several Different Types of Arthritis 

The types of arthritis as we begin to get older and start to develop it, if you have not done a lot of research on it, will absolutely shock you.

We have all heard of two to three types of this challenging condition, but when we find out that there are over 100 different forms of it, it is shocking.

Yes, there are over 100 different types of this inflaming of our joints, but there are nine (9) forms that are the most common.

But perhaps the first question we should be asking is what causes it to begin with.

Some of the reasons again may surprise us if we do not know a lot about it.

The Potential Causes Of The Types of Arthritis

The types of arthritis begin with the potential causes, and again this may be somewhat shocking to us if we do not know a lot about it.

The reason for this is simple; this is not one single cause or answer, but inflammation is involved in almost every type.

Most of the forms or types are the result of several factors, and perhaps the biggest causes appear to genetic factors and infections.

However, just like our genes and the role of genetics and aging, we do not have to accept this as inevitable.

Here are the most common potential causes.

  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • A previous injury in our younger years.
  • Smoking—yes smoking
  • Occupations—one of the biggest potential causes

Some of the types of arthritis seems to run in families and could be passed from generation to generation.

However, this is still not 100% documented and is still being studied.

Do Not Let Genetics Discourage You

But again, just like our cells and their effect on aging and the link to genetics, there are ways we can easily fight this.

Lifestyle choices are a lot more likely to be one of the major factors as well as a past injury when we were younger.  

If you have a job, even short term, where you are on your knees, bent a lot, sit a lot, or have repetitive activity in any form, this can easily trigger it.

By placing stress on our back, knees, or any of our major joints, sooner or later they will begin to wear down.

An old injury to any of our joints can also trigger it, as it may never be properly repaired.

Certain infections may also cause short-term forms, while smoking can and does cause long term forms.

In fact there is a tremendous amount of documentation that shows that people that smoke are much more likely to develop some type, then those who do not.

The First Three

Here is the first list of three of the most common types of arthritis.

  • Osteoarthritis—perhaps the most common
  • The Inflammatory form
  • The Rheumatoid form

Osteoarthritis is by far and away the most common form that will attack us as we get older, as well as the form that repeats its attack.

With this form, the cartilages that protect and cover our joints slowly starts to weaken and break down.

It may or may not be linked to aging, but it is definitely linked to repetitive actions over several years. The friction that is produced is what causes the breakdown.

Next on the list of the types of arthritis is the inflammatory form.

With this form our immune system, especially as it get older, begins to attack itself instead of attacking invaders.

These invaders include bacterium, germs, and viruses, and once our immune system reverses its attack, several things begin to happen, and none of them are good.

Couple Enjoying Time TogetherCouple Enjoying Time Together

The Next Three

One of these forms is Rheumatoid arthritis which is not only long term, it is also very painful.

It not only affects our lower back, it also affects our wrists, knees, and worse yet, our hands. Our immune system is attacking both our cells and joint linings.

However, it can and often does attack other parts of our body as well.

Here is the next of the most common types of arthritis.

  • The Psoriatic form
  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • The Infectious form

The Psoriatic form is especially challenging for two reasons; it not only affects our joints, it can and does also affect our skin.

As we get older all of us want to protect our skin and this condition causes both red and white inflammation patches.

However, the worst part of it is scaling skin, and the swelling that occurs.

It causes swelling in our fingers, toes, our knee joints, and the perhaps the worse swelling; our spine.

In the vast majority of cases the first sign we see is psoriasis, which is the scaling of our skin.

The Final Three

Ankylosing Spondylitis also affects our spine, and its major target is men past the age of 50.

It causes very intense back pains, a lot of stiffness, as well as the hindering of movement in our back and affected areas.

The infectious form of the types of arthritis targets our joints and is the result of either a viral or fungal infection.

The last of the nine most common types of arthritis include the following.

  • The Septic form
  • Gout
  • The Reactive form

The septic form also affects our joints and is the result of infections. It can be very dangerous as it can easily be carried in our blood stream.

Gout is extremely painful as we are unable to eliminate uric acid from our body. This naturally occurring substance normally is no issue.

However, as we age, we may have issues eliminating all of it.

There Is Some Good News

The reactive form not only affects our joints, it also affects our eyes. It is also believed to be the result of an infection, centering on salmonella.

There are several different foods that may be able to help the majority of the types of arthritis.

As we get older, if we focus on both foods and supplements that can helps fight inflammation, we may be able to hold it off.


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